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One Voice Studio

Once upon a Time at One Voice Studio . . .


One Voice Studio has been in service to our local  and global community since 1979.

Since its  beginning we have provided voice and piano lessons as well as opportunities for performance to folks of all ages with Natalia and her awesome former staff! 


As it is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, let us share here in our archives pictures of our four decades of Service in Inspirational Song and fundraising concerts:


  • Christmas at Chans 

  • The ARC of Northern Rhode Island

  • OVS students at Talent of America 

  • Coral Herança Portuguesa 

  • Amaretta 

  • Brazil '99 

  • St. Theresa's Choir 

  • Stadium 30th Anniversary Concert for Crossroads Shelter with Alan Shawn Feinstein

  • Project Haiti with RIC/UCC 

  • Assisted Living/Nursing homes 

  • Alumni Christmas Concerts at Chans

We are looking forward to announcing in the fall of 2020 that which cometh next as we are led to Visioning.


Natalia hopes to host a small performance class in Music as the Universally therapeutic Art for ALL!


Stay tuned for the pictures as we post them in the weeks forthcoming.

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