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One Voice

The Slatersville, Rhode Island Centers for Spiritual Living teaching chapter is located at 411 Central Street, North Smithfield. This very location has been the home of One Voice Studio where Natalia has been vocal music coach to folks from six to senior for the last 40+ years.

Our intention with Slatersville Rhode Island CSL Teaching chapter is to begin to share with our Latin Community the many inspiring courses from the curriculum of the Centers for Spiritual Living, as well as the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs. Inclusion and diversity is our mission statement; creating community of learning, caring, sharing in the Oneness that is our Divine Birth rite in any and all of our many faith and cultural traditions.​


As the Toltec wisdom has become Rev. Natalia's passion in life, we will be offering ongoing courses of study on the works of Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. and Don Jose Ruiz:

  • The Four Agreements

  • The Voice of Knowledge

  • The Mastery of Love


Slatersville RI CSL Teaching Chapter will seasonally announce workshops hailing from the Centers of Spiritual Living curriculum as well as other growth experiences TBA:

  • CSL Course Curriculum

  • Visioning of Rev. Michael Beckwith

  • Interfaith and Intercultural Music and Movement Experience

  • Workshops in music and movement

  • Ongoing  Zentangle

  • The Family Constellations (still another therapeutic healing modality in healing)


Please stay tuned for upcoming virtual classes as we work to transition our course offerings from in-person meetings to an online format.


Natalia is also a Life Coach in the Toltec Wisdom and is available for personal Life Coaching Sessions. 

Aquí y ahora!

And so it is.

Y así es!



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